Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Story Thus Far...(Soaringhawk Style)

So one day, this hawk was looking around the web. Seeing nothing better to do, he randomly stumbled across a poor and emerging state called FluffyBunyPwn. Without thinking about it, this hawk decided to join, and, in doing so, started the rapid development of the blog with his Ravages of Time. Pretty soon, this hawk decided that having a friend from the sky wouldn't be so bad, and introduced the dragon. With FluffyBunnyPwn inactive for a while, this hawk and the dragon descended from the sky and laid waste to the bunny's reign. Pretty soon, it was evident that the bunny had the lowest number of posts, while the hawk was supreme. Of course, this hawk's reign did not last long, for the bunny returned with a vengeance. The bunny introduced the blind cat, the beetle, and the turtle. All were opportune followers for this hawk, but they were too inactive to support this hawk's rebellion. Thankfully, a monkey appeared and this site started rolling downhill again. And now, all of a sudden, (without my even knowing about it or being consulted) another cat comes along. Is this one another follower of me, or will it support the bunny's empire? Only time will tell. As of right now, the bunny has the most popular post (FMA review, that thief). The dragon has the most overall popular posts. And this hawk has the most posts and the most comments. But this hawk has the least amount of views. The stage has been set. The contest between the three hegemons will continue.

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