Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Xun Yu

Like Jia Xu, Xun Yu is one of the Eight Geniuses, the second genius to be exact. However, Xun Yu does not condone the use of the Dark Arts of War. He does not justify inhumane methods, no matter the result. his sayings include "Right is right. Wrong is wrong. The truth has always been unambiguous".

Xun Yu seems to have little impact on Cao Cao's rule, but that is also because Xun Yu waits. "Years of cultivation for a single moment" and those moments are absolutely astonishing. In the beginning, he sends Cao Cao to get thrashed, and then he doesn't allow Cao Cao to give away rations to the poor villagers like other warlords are doing. And Xun Yu gives a big gift to Cao Cao like that. Then Xun Yu gives a few more surprises before retiring to the court to control the Emperor and affect the diplomacy with other warlords.

Xun Yu is extremely talented, but he is not a favorite character of mine.

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