Friday, May 13, 2011

Anime and Video Game Characters: Harry Ord

Harry Ord is from Turn A Gundam, and he holds the title of Captain of the Royal Guard. He serves Queen Dianna Soriel faithfully, and he does the same with Kihel Heim (I'll go over this in another post). Harry Ord pilots a SUMO (Harry Ord Custom of course) and he kicks a lot of ass with it. His personality is extremely charismatic, and he is perhaps one of the most understanding of the Turn A Gundam characters.

Crowning Moment of Awesomeness: In terms of combat, Harry Ord's crowning moment of awesomeness is where he either blocks the mountain diggers from a Wa-Dom Beam Cannon with his barrier (which also revealed more of what Harry Ord thinks about people as equal) or when Harry Ord fights the Turn X and yells out his now famous "Universe!" line.

Rating: All-Star Mobile Suit Pilot/Ambassador/Manipulator

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