Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Story Thus Far...

It started out very simple and without any expectations of any sort. After pondering for about a week, one little fluffy bunny decided to start his own little blog about anime and video games, two of his most favorite hobbies. His plan was just to have one or two posts a day, pertaining to anime and video games without feeling any obligation towards anything related to the new blog. Not long after making a few posts, a hawk, with his farsighted eyes, spotted the bunny with his new blog and wanted to contribute to this newfound place. News travel fast, one day in fact, and a dragon wanted in as well. With the bunny, the hawk, and the dragon, the three blog animals were ready to conquer some video game and anime reviews. With these three, the blog began to grow at an alarming rate. At this point, the new blog smell attracted a blind kitty. However, till this day, the blind kitty never found her way over to the blog and probably got lost in an alley somewhere. Two unfortunate events happened after that as well. Two more animals joined in: a turtle and a beetle. The turtle, as slow as she was, ran into some trouble with her second post, offending a person who doesn't like to use crosswalks, and... never posted since. The beetle on the other hand, made one post, and disappeared in the wind without a trace. Losing hope and motivation, the three remaining animals, the bunny, the hawk, and the dragon began to falter and eventually had a severe case of writer's block. They did everything in their power to try to keep the blog alive and so far, it seems to be working. The animals weren't working as hard as before, but in exchange for that, they're working at a more stable rate. In the midst of all this, a monkey happened to be passing by and mistook the blog for a forest full of bananas and is now also a part of the team.

Now... one and a half months and almost two hundred posts later... a stupid cat enters the arena...

And that's the story thus far.

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