Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dragon Warrior 3 (Gameboy Remake) Part 3 of the Erdrick/LotoTrilogy

Being the last of the Loto or Erdrick Trilogy, Dragon Warrior 3 is one of my favorites in the series. It was innovative for its time and introduced a lot of materials for its series.


Again, evil has arisen from…evil. You are sent by the king to stop the evil Baramos from taking over the world. There is a big twist after Baramos is defeated, and a familiar place is seen, if you played the first two games. This story is complex and made me want to play the first two Dragon Warrior games again.


Building from the party system from Dragon Warrior 2, Dragon Warrior 3 allows you to make your own party. You can choose up to three people to join you, and choose their class/job type. Later in the game, you are allowed to rechange their class/job and promote them to another level of class. In the Game Boy remake, you can change to personality of your party members that can affect their stats.

As for gameplay mechanics, it is still the same as Dragon Warrior 1 and 2. A lot of grinding, more experience and gold from battles, but the difficulty were the same. Exploration is a major plus in Dragon Warrior 3 because of the new landscape.


Unlike the other two remakes of Dragon Warrior 1 and 2, Dragon Warrior 3 had improved impressively. During the battles, the monsters had battle animations that were fluid. Magic animation was a major plus. The characters each had their own sprite, due to their gender and class/job type. A new addtition for the series was the day/night sequence that added to the game’s event. Dragon Warrior 3 looked superb for a Game Boy game.

The Good:

-Class/job types that adds on for game play

-The major surprise at the end of the game

-Animation in battles


The Bad:


Final Score:9/10

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