Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Claymore Review

Katanas? Broadswords? Cloud Busters? Who needs any of those when you've got a claymore!!

Story: 8/10

Claymore is an original concept which falls short due to the usual "OMG, the anime is catching to the manga... oh no... it passed the manga... oh well, it's just give it an abrupt ending" syndrome. The first season of Full Metal Alchemist was victim to this as well. claymore centers on a warrior named Claire or "silver-eyed witch" by most people. There's actually 47 of these warriors total, and the lower your number, the stronger you are. Clare stands last at number 47. Clare happens to save a boy named Raki, and thus their adventure begins. These Claymores are essentially hired guns, ordered to kill demons named Yoma who invade villages and whatnot. The story seems pretty straightforward at first, but as Clare come into contact with more demons and more Claymore warriors, twists and turns in the plot begin to occur, leading towards a climatic finish. Unfortunately, the anime ended, yet the manga continues... I strongly hope there will be a reboot like what happened to FMA Brotherhood.

Character: 8/10

Clare did not start off as a bloodthirsty claymore. She used to be a young girl, with parents and siblings, until demons ravaged their village. Clare's life is soon turned upside down as she finds herself traveling with the number one ranking Claymore Warrior named Teresa. After an unfortunate accident, Clare transforms into the bloodthirsty warrior that she is now. Clare's character development is simple, yet comlex which is basically of her trying to remain human while her body slowly turns into a killing machine. Sadly, I had to knock off two whole points for Raki... his character in this series ruined it for me. The episodes that he wasn't present in, were awesome episodes to say the least. However, people say he became better in the manga, but I wouldn't know...

Sound: 8/10

Other than Raki's annoying little bratty voice, everything else is awesome. The soundtrack is brilliant, very gothic and dark.

Animation: 8/10

The battle scenes here rival that of Bleach, and I'm willing to bet it gets even better at certain points. There's a lot of colorless scenes in this movie, depicting lifelessness. Pretty average animation overall, until it reaches the fight scenes at least.

FluffyBunnyPwn gives it 8/10 overall.

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