Saturday, April 9, 2011

Advance War: Eyes Through a Soldier

I was in the 145th squad, with 9 other fellow soldiers. Jenkins was our captian, leading our way to victory. "Alright men, intel orders us to take an enemy factory!" Capt Jenkins ordered. We looked at the ground. We knew that this was the hardest job because another squad was sent to recapture enemy factory and was blown up to pieces by a bomber plane. We moved out for 3 days until we saw an enemy jeep in our sight. We were scared. The jeeps got closer and Capt Jenkins ordered us to go into the woods. Right when we reached the woods a fellow bomber plane blew the jeep in pieces. We cheered, even though the pilot couldn't see us. We continued in to the factory and it was going to take us two days, assuming that we do not go under fire.

That night, we were awaken by enemy tanks. There were 4 of them surrounding us. Pvt. Jackson and Morse were blown into red mist. We ran into cover and waited for orders. It was a terrible bombardment. 5 men died that night, and no renforcement was going to back us up. Everyone's morale was down. We all knew it was going to take us 2 more days. So we quickly fixed up the factory and were scared for the night fall. That night a second round of bombardment hit us. Pvt. Hemy was hit and he was burned. His brother, Luke, tried to ease the pain. Pvt. hemy said, "Capt. Jenkins, look after my little brother, alright?" With his last words, Capt. Jenkins punched the wall, frustrated that 3 good men were gone that night. The next day we worked harder than ever. One more day, I thought. As the day was about to end, fellow anit-tanks attacked the enemy tanks. Taking out the tanks, we knew that we were goning to live though the night. After the next day, the factory was ours. We concluded the day with a cigarette each. "For the brothers that lost their lives for this mission. They shall never be forgotten", said Capt. Jenkins. I looked at Luke and he looked back with a smile. Knowing that he lost a brother, he made two new ones.

Epilogue-We were picked up by a fellow chopper and reassigned into another unit. From there we pushed through the front and won the war.

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