Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Story Thus Far... (domodragon53)

Banished from his clan for his imagination of peace. Chased by savages for the reward on his head. Hunted like an animal because of his will to live. Domo, from the clan of the ancient Dragon, set flew down to the plains of Earth to seek salvation. He settled on the third corner of Earth, now known as FluffyBunnyPwn, which resided two other Gods, the founder, FluffyBunnyPwn, and SoaringHawk. Promising to work hard to maintain the order of the land and keep the people in it happy, Domo specifically writes the laws of the most of the video game contents. Where as SoaringHawk, he resides in the maintain the laws of Ravages of Time and some anime content. While the mastermind, FluffyBunnyPwn, he records in both video games and anime, in order to maintain equilibrium between the three gods. When there is peace and prosperity, there is also chaos and destruction. The dark clouds from the south rolled into the island of FluffyBunnyPwn. Along with the storm, came three lazy gods that wished to rule the island with the three former gods. FluffyBunnyPwn seeing their hardship, allowed the three new gods to write the laws of the land. The BlindKitty was not able to write due to her sight, was dropped from the island. The Beetle wrote one legit law, and was never heard of again. The Turtle wrote a law that contradicted with another god from another island was scared of her mistake and hid in her shell, to be never seen again. The three former gods were in conflict within themselves, unable to write new laws for the people of the island. They eventually opened themselves up, due to the offerings of the people. The offerings also attracted another god, MonkeyKidd. MonkeyKidd was given the same chances as the other gods, and succeeded them, allowing his place to be a god on the island. Not for long, a new god, BakuNeko, joined the gods of the island. But now, now he has to prove himself to be worthy to the people of the island. BakuNeko is given the same test as all the gods before him…

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