Saturday, May 21, 2011

Zhuge Liang (200th post BTW)

Seventh genius Zhuge Liang, famous for being Liu Bei's most powerful advisor during the Three Kingdoms conflict. Well, in The Ravages of Time, this guy has not officially chosen to work for Liu Bei, but he definitely favors him. As with all other geniuses of Water Mirror's school, Zhuge Liang is seen wearing the hat and mask.

Zhuge Liang makes his first appearance in the contest to decode Dong Zhuo's message. Unlike the other strategists, Zhuge Liang figures out that Dong Zhuo was going to burn Luoyang. Only Sima Yi is able to match Zhuge Liang's methodical ways of decoding the message. In fact, Sima Yi successfully predicts Zhuge Liang being chosen as the Crouching Dragon.

Unlike some of the other geniuses, Zhuge Liang would rather avoid the Dark Arts of War. He and Xun Yu would rather establish principles for the people to live by instead of using heinous methods to bring peace faster. Zhuge Liang works once again with Sima Yi during Cao Cao's Xuzhou campaign, and they both defeat the powerful Guo Jia. Later, during Liu Bei's attack against Yuan Shu, Zhuge Liang ponders about the lives of men.

Zhuge Liang has yet to make much of an appearance, but he has already captured my attention as being one of the most skilled and benevolent characters in the series. After Jia Xu, Sun Ce, and Lu Bu, Zhuge Liang is my favorite character. Of course, Sima Yi is tied with Zhuge Liang, so I'll make a list of my favorites later.

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