Wednesday, May 18, 2011

domodragon53's pick for Best DS Opening Scenes

The Nintendo DS has many great games, and along with those games, is one of the bestopening videos I have seen for a handheld. In no particular order, here are the introduction clips that grabbed my attention, in terms of graphics, music, and stuff.

Final Fantasy 4

When I first got this game for my DS, the opening scene took my breath away. One of my first games on the DS, and it set the mood for what was in store for Final Fantasy 4. The opening scene explained everything: love story, epic adventure, multiple characters, and some baddass looking bosses.

Dragon Quest 9

I had really high expectations for this game, and it met them. But the opening scene took me by surprise. Usually DQ games on the DS do not have an opening scene. It is just a dragon flying in front of a flying castle, that its! But DQ9… after watching it, I knew the game was going to be epic. I just love the last part, where the hawk is flying and the music is playing… gives me goosebumps everytime.

Valkyrie Profile: Covent of the Plume

For a game well known for the Playstation, Covent of the Plume received average scores. However, the opening scene is damn epic. Two guys running in the middle of the battlefield, and a hot girl in the beginning just makes the opening scene much better.

Metriod Prime Hunters

This game came out when the DS was still fresh. One of the more popular FPS on the DS, the opening scene was amazing, and still today. Showed all the characters, and had a little battle scene. The graphics were amazing for this scene.

Super Robot Wars Mugen No Frontier Exceed

No reason… just watch it, that’s reasonable enough.

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