Thursday, May 19, 2011

Anime and Video Game Characters: Rarou

Sword of the Stranger wouldn't be complete without the addition of Rarou, the closest thing there is to a main bad guy. Rarou is the single, strongest warrior in Sword of the Stranger, stronger than even Nanashi (maybe, though this may be due to Nanashi having to run miles, fight off the Chinese warriors, and have blood hurt his eyes, all just before the fight). The main motivation for Rarou is just pure exhilaration. Just like Lu Bu, Rarou wants to fight the strongest there is, even if it kills him. The stronger the opponent, the more thrilled he gets.

Among the Chinese warriors, Rarou is most distinct for his hair and eye color. Among the Japanese, his appearance is likened to that of a demon. It can probably be safe to say that Rarou is a foreigner, just like Nanashi. Funny huh, the two strongest warriors aren't from Japan or China (the main focus of the movie), but from European countries.

Crowning Moment of Awesomeness: Obviously, the beginning of the movie has Rarou's greatest recorded slaughter. Alone, he grabs a guide as a meat shield, and kills every single bandit archer and swordsman. All of them. Alone. Without taking a hit. He even taunts the bandit boss.

Rating: Badass 

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