Saturday, May 21, 2011

Greatest Cross-Over: Ownyurass Team

Team Ownyurass

Battle Music
Nami Tamaki - Brightdown

Team Members:
Shikamaru - Naruto Shippuden /
Light - Death Note /
Karas - Karas /
Dante - Devil May Cry /
Ichigo - Bleach

The team's name describes it all :p Shikamaru from Konoha has been selected as the team leader. His skills in the Nara clan's Shadow Techniques helps him stop enemies before they can get to him and lets him stay far away from battle to plan the team's movements. He is accompanied my Light. Light, along with Shikamaru, stays in the back and he picks off his opponents with his Death Note since we all know the names and faces of the other teams. The assault team that will fight the other teams head on would consist of Karas, Dante, and Ichigo. Karas is just badass. He can stop time, slow down time, whatever with time; he can make his sword 2x its size; and he can freaking change into vehicle mode! Dante is pro at killing anything. He's also got hella guns and a big ass sword. Ichigo would just go "Bankai..." and Hollow Form then you know what happens next.

Ownage Much?
Of course they're ownage. The only one that really has to do anything is Light XD

Sorry for not putting a picture up. I would have but I don't have Photoshop right now :(

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