Monday, May 16, 2011

Cheng Pu

Actually, not a lot is known about Cheng Pu. He served Sun Jian and then Sun Ce. As a general, he is pretty solid. He is not given a lot of screentime, and he doesn't get many opportunities to have duels or perform the one man army attacks. He is reliable, and strong minded.

His greatest achievement so far is killing the last of Yu Ji's troops. Yu Ji thinks that Cheng Pu is under hypnosis, but it is just an act. Cheng Pu and his troops (along with the help of Pang Tong) ambush Yu Ji and kills the remaining Taiping Rebels.

As a officer with not a lot of screentime, there's not much to say about Cheng Pu. He's a solid general, and a loyal person as well.

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