Monday, May 23, 2011

Anime and Video Game Characters: Balsa

Balsa, from Serei no Moribito, is a strong character. She is a strong spearwielder and is knowledgeable about survival. This shows in her negotiation with the Second Queen and the way that she has Saya and the boy (forgot his name, but his teeth is pretty big) fetch items for the journey. Brave, powerful, smart, reasonable, heck, she seems like the most balanced person. Except she sometimes doesn't have time to care for Chagum because circumstances force her to make critical choices.

The relationship with Chagum is very similar to the relationship that she had with Jiguro as a kid. As the adult, Balsa finally gets to feel some of what Jiguro felt, and she learns just as much from taking care of Chagum as Chagum learns from living with Balsa. In comparison with other anime that I've seen, this is also similar to the relationship between Nanashi and Kotarou from Sword of the Stranger. The development of this relationship gives revealing details into the feelings and thoughts of Balsa.

Balsa's Crowning Moment of Awesomeness would probably be (for me, at least) the fight in episode 3. There Balsa single-handedly takes on all of the Mikado's Hunters. The most awesome part of that fight, though, is when Jin is about to plunge his sword into Chagum, but Balsa comes out of the forest. With a mother's fury, she desperately uses everything to take Jin down. First are some shurikens. Second is the stick of the spear. Lastly, Balsa grabs a rock and pummels Jin's head. 

Rating: Badass Bodyguard

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