Thursday, May 19, 2011

Greatest Cross-Over Teams: Team Power Suit

Team Power Suit
 Space Marine, Samus, General Warfield, Megaman, and Master Chief
 The music that plays when the enemy spots Team Power Suit.

Supporter: Samus, Megaman, Space Marine (Brother Domo) , and Master Chief

Team Power Suit is a team that can be deployed in any type of combat situation. With Megaman under General Warfield’s command, Megaman is able to absorb the abilities of the enemies he defeated, and use it against his opponents. Samus is able to perform acrobatic moves in her heavy power suit beautifully in combat, confusing the enemy. Also with her acrobatic moves, Samus has a huge variety of weapons at her disposal. With the will of the God Emperor and under the command of General Warfield, the mighty Space Marine is able to endure the conflicts of combat. The Space Marine is built for war because he has a genetically modified super human body to purge the enemy of the Emperor. Along with is strong will, the Space Marine knows no fear. Under the command of General Warfield, Master Chief will be able to move onto the battlefield more effectively along with his A.I. attached with him. Master Chief is agile like Samus, but lacks the fire power of a Space Marine. Master Chief makes this weakness up with the intelligence of his A.I, and his combat experience from fighting the Covanent and the Floods. Commanding the Team Power Suit is the famous General Warfield. General Warfield is a warrior that has superb charisma that allows him to command his troops with ease. He is a highly respected man on the battlefield to the opposition. General Warfield is the only known man to punch a Hydralisk in the face and survive.

Combo #1: Supreme Will -Along with the supreme command from General Warfield, he is able to push the Space Marine beyond his limits allowing the Space Marine to have his Limit Break. The Limit Break of the Space Marine is a War Cry that stuns the enemy, allowing the Space Marine to push himself pass his running speed limit to cut clear of the enemy with his Chainsword.

Combo #2: Max Overdrive- By using his A.I to calculate the percentages of the battlefield (such as winning, losing, amount of enemies…), Master Chief is able to use his A.I into Overdrive. While the A.I is in Overdrive, calculations of the battlefield will be 99% accurate, which will allow General Warfield to make strategic moves.

Combo #3: Twin Cannon- Both Samus and Megaman are able to charge their weapon to produce a devastating beam. As they both shoot their charged weapons at the enemy, the two beams will be able to alter the particles causing a mini black hole to suck in the remaining enemy that are still alive.

Combo #4: Gal-ken Punch -As Samus turns into a ball; she will spin very quickly in the air, fast enough to let the ball go off on its own. Right when Samus reached her top speed, General Warfield will punch the ball as hard as he did to the Hydralisk, which sends the ball flying straight to the enemy. Samus has two options:  One, to drop bombs as quickly as she can while Samus is still in the air flying straight through the enemy, allowing the bombs to explode and Samus out of harm. Or, Samus can take her Power Suit off and become Zero Suit Samus, allowing her to go into close combat efficiently.

Why Pick Form This Team?
Team Power Suit is a team that can be able to endure heavy fire. A team that has each character that have their own unique abilities. Under the command of General Warfield, the Power Suit Team’s will/morale can never be broken. They can never fear the enemy, only be feared. Send this five-member team in the battlefield where the enemy has thousands, Team Power Suit will be the majority.

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