Thursday, May 19, 2011

MonkeyKidd's Greatest Cross-Over Team: Team Blood Fire

Team Blood Fire: Nico Robin, Zodd, Prince/Dark Prince, Kenshiro, Lucy 

Team Blood Fire's Theme

Leader: Prince/Dark Prince
Followers: Nico Robin, Zodd, Kenshiro, and Lucy

The Team name says it all! Team Blood Fire! How fire would spread across is how blood will be spread! On the battle field, these five killers will make sure you explode, bleed, and basically it is all for the pleasure of winning. Leader, the Prince of Persia! or should I say the King of Persia, leads a pirate, god, a fighter, and a little girl to the dangerous battle field that death appears to be on. The Prince has great powers that can stop time, rewind time, and fast forward it; therefore he cannot be die or be killed at all. Nico Robin, a devil's fruit possessor, has the hands of god on her side. She can rip the your body inside out! Her power replicate and sprout pieces of her body multiple times. Zodd, or Nosferatu Zodd, is a god or you can say demon! He kills with his huge demon blade scimitar, lived over centurys and generations appearing in random battles. He can transform into a demon minotaur with wings. The only person who survived was Guts(refer to the 1st Cross-Team). Kenshiro or Ken, has the power of the finger! Once touched, you are surely dead. He has a Bruce Lee fight style with powers! Lucy may look cute and innocent, but killing her foes by exploding their bodies, head, etc, is her ugly side. Try to stay on the good side of her.

Combos:(There isn't much of a combo since they can win any battle easily!)
Combo#1: Nico Robin uses a wave of her hands to back off the and army. While that happens Lucy rides on one of the hands and start making blood shed. Zodd rushes to the fight killing and chopping anyone in his way. Ken will just run through a row of enemy touching their bodies and once he gets to the end of the row...Bloody Sidewalk. While all that happens the Prince should have killed more anyone combine. This combo will wipe out the entire field with red blood.
Combo#2: While the Team touches the Prince's body, Prince will stop time except for his team because they were touching him. The army of however number will be eliminated in .001 during real life time.

Why is this Team One of the Greatest Cross-Over Team?
Team Blood Fire is one of the greatest cross-over team because they are killers that cannot be killed. With the power of time on their side, if one of the member does get killed, the Prince can just rewind time and prevent the death of a team member. This is a One Hit Kill Team that is unbeatable!

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