Wednesday, May 18, 2011

MonkeyKidd's Greatest Cross-Over Teams: Team Walker!

Team Walker: Roy, Guts, Lu Bu, Clare, Zoro
The Theme I pick for this Team!
Leader:Lu Bu
Followers:Roy, Guts, Clare, and Zoro

Team Walker, the team that will get through the battle field easily. Four warriors led by Lu Bu, will own the field. First off Lu Bu, leader of Walker, is an epic butt whooping person. Good skills, strong, and looking badass will scare the heck out of his enemy. Roy is strong and has once again appear in this team. His last appearance was in Super Smash Bros. Melee, but now he is back and stronger. Guts, the man who fought a demon and survived, killed 100+ men in one night while injured, will kill even more men on the battle field. Clare has learned a sword skill that is sooo fast, its looks like she is just hold her sword. Zoro, badass pirate, kills using three katana, with powers that no one has seen before!

Rush attack: Well the name says it. All rush at the same time killing their enemy off.
Clare and Zoro Combo: Zoro will do his demon fire sword technique while Clare uses her sword skills, resulting a flaming fast attack that burns the enemy to death if they were not killed in one hit but Clare's attack.
Roy and Guts Combo: With Gut's strong huge sword, he can break any sword that its it. While that is happening, Roy swipes through in-between his enemy and Guts, killing the enemy. 
Lu Bu Combo: Lu Bu doesn't really need help but when the time comes, he will make this strategy quick. Using the power of Guts, he will rush his enemy, fighting as a tanker(defense person) and pushing the enemy back. Then Roy comes up using this fire power explosion sword skills on the enemy, blowing them to pieces. Zoro and Clare rushes from the back of the enemies with their fast speed killing them while the front is being pushed back. Lu Bu, using his horse, Red Hare, dashing through his enemy and getting in the middle of the army force. Lu Bu will attack using his weapon, Sky Scorcher(from the game), spinning it, attacking the middle army and killing them. It's a fast way to kill an army about 1000.

Why is this Team good?
Lu Bu is a strong leader that can take any of his opponent down anywhere and any time! With the help of his four warriors, they will be unstoppable.

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