Monday, May 16, 2011

Status Update 5/16

So, the site has been pretty much inactive for a while. Sure a post comes up every now and then, but there is no passion behind it like before. Thankfully, there is a rumor going around that another animal will join the ranks. Of course, the new additions to the blog haven't been particularly impressive. This time, though, the Soaringhawk will predict that the next writer will be a good writer. Yes, the MonkeyKidd will join the ranks as the number 4 officer, right behind the domodragon53 (the others are of lesser rank even though MonkeyKidd has yet to make a significant post). And he will assist me in overthrowing the corrupt FluffyBunnyPwn (yes, it's getting old right?) and making this blog more fair for the people as a whole.

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