Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Anime and Video Game Characters: Sten

Sten is from Breath of Fire 2, and is a strong character at that. I mean, how many times do you get to play as a monkey character (okay, primate is more accurate, but then it would be almost every time cause humans are primates as well)? As a combat character, Sten is powerful physically, and he is better at spells than Katt, one of the main fighters. Outside of battle, Sten can cross cliffs by extending his arms! It's good at first, but then you get Jean not too long afterward, and Jean does the same thing except better.

Every Breath of Fire 2 character has a backstory, and Sten has a pretty interesting one. Sten was a general at Highfort, and he was fighting a battle alongside his rival/partner Trubo. Also note that Sten and Trubo were in love with the same girl. During the battle, Sten faked his death and ran away. Actually, this is probably why Sten's special command is RIP; he plays dead on the battlefield to not get hit. When Sten goes back to Highland he is recognized by Trubo, and....nope not gonna say it. Spoilers, you know.

So Sten basically lies to himself his whole life, and he finally becomes brave and courageous enough to go back to Highfort after being with Ryu and party. As a character, Sten is one of my favorite from the game.

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