Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Death Note Review

Death Note is the story of Yagami Light's attempt to fix humanity. To do this, though, he needs power. And when the Death Note, a notebook that kills whoever's name is written in it, falls into the human world, Yagami Light finds it. He experiments with it to see if it's real, and he is surprised that it actually works. All of this is done for the entertainment of Ryuk, a Shinigami from another world. The story then turns into Yagami Light killing off criminals, but then L, the world's best detective combats Light. Each one tries to fight evidence to kill each other, but they are always equal in smart.

The music in Death Note is good. I do not know the composer's other works, but Death Note's music creates an atmosphere that I can only call "the rush". The term doesn't come from me, but I took it from Scamp, writer of The Cart Driver blog. The music makes me just want to continue watching nonstop. Not many anime can do that, and Death Note is one of those that can.

The characters in Death Note are all pretty smart. They come up with ridiculously complex plans to do simple things (another subject in The Ravages of Time), and they always have backup plans. In fact, Death Note and The Ravages of Time have some of the smartest characters that I know. Moribito has the most reasonable people overall (the Hunters know when to stop chasing), and I am only starting on Legend of the Galactic Heroes, so I can't say for sure about those characters. Actually, everyone except from Light and L (I did not finish the part with Near and Mello yet) are kind of dumb, and they aren't very interesting.

Rating: 9/10 (I wanna say 10, but only Sword of the Stranger can take that spot)

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