Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Gao Shun

Gao Shun is Lu Bu's general, and he's a damn good one at that. He leads the Chargers, a fearless vanguard cavalry troop that usually decimates the enemy. He doesn't engage in duels like other generals, but he's a frightening person to fight.

For example, Gao Shun does has his crowning moment of awesomeness when he, crippled by a wound from Xiahou Dun, straps himself to a horse and tries to save Lu Bu at White Gate Tower. He kills a lot of the traitors, but is killed by the leader of the Tiger and Leopard Cavalry. This is yet another display of loyalty in The Ravages of Time. Suddenly Guan Yu's reputation of loyalty doesn't seem so special now, huh? Actually, I would like to say that many people are able to express loyalty in an excess amount, so Guan Yu really isn't the epitome of a loyal soldier.

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  1. i wouldd so watch this if it were anime or a movie!!!