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Chronicles of FluffyBunnyPwn: Legend of The Crescent Bow

"Carvings of the moon and stars adorn this bow, said to be the favored weapon of the Moon Goddess."- Crescent Bow
A little something to spice up the battle scenes...

                    The moon shined brightly for 3 months straight. None of the inhabitants of FluffyBunnyPwn understood what was going on. Not even the gods themselves knew. The gods of FluffyBunnyPwn concluded that the full moon meant tidings of doom. The waves rose higher and higher each passing night. Sightings of creatures with fins and scales, from fishermen, told about their trips to the sea. MonkeyKidd suggested that the gods should watch and observe the sea and the shores of the island. Three nights passed. SoaringHawk spotted a gigantic turtle, with an island on its back, swimming ever so slowly towards the island. FluffyBunnyPwn decided to confront the turtle and ask why the only the moon has shown in the sky. She descended down to the beach, in the form of a human with wings, and flew towards the sea turtle.

                As she got closer and closer to the sea turtle, FluffyBunnyPwn saw a tower in the middle of the turtle’s back. FluffyBunnyPwn saw the sea turtle was nothing but an undead vessel, carrying what was left of its island. FluffyBunnyPwn flew onto the unknown island, on the back of the sea turtle, and was greeted by a group of Murlocs, an amphibian race of humanoid fish. FluffyBunnyPwn flew into the air, and pulled out her Crescent Bow, carved from the moon and stars and is said to be adorn by the moon goddess herself.  She did not hesitate to release a volley of arrows to the ten Murlocs. Before one of the Murlocs died, it cried a warning to the other creatures of the island. FluffyBunnyPwn felt the tension of the air changed. She called the other gods to her aid to help her purge the creatures on the turtle. A piercing cry, a loud roar, and the beating of the chest, SoaringHawk, Domo, and MonkeyKidd descended onto and around FluffyBunnyPwn. SoaringHawk tightened his grip on the Partisan Lance. Domo readied the Sol Sword. MonkeyKidd raised the White Fangs Gauntlets. FluffyBunnyPwn pointed at the tower, for she assumed the source of the dark magic was from there.

                Along their way, the gods met, fought, and killed Murlocs and undead creatures. Domo led the way towards the tower, for the Sol Sword emitted a bright light for the party. Suddenly, the ground shook. The gods wasted no time, and ran straight to the tower. Behind the gods, there was a larger creature, larger than the sea turtle itself. It was the sea demon, Vashj the queen of the Nagas. She forced the sea turtle to re-route itself. The gods saw the demon, and proceeded into the tower.

                The tower had ancient text all around it. Murlocs were crawling everywhere in the tower. The gods readied their weapons. They waited outside of the door, in front of the entrance room. FluffyBunnyPwn signaled MonkeyKidd, and he kicked the door wide open. FluffyBunnyPwn rolled into the room and used “Blinding Star”. The Murlocs in the room were dazed. Domo and SoaringHawk took out the Murlocs before they could recover. In the entrance room, there were two doors. One led to the stairs on the outside of the tower, where as the other led to the stairs inside the tower. The gods decided to split into two teams. MonkeyKidd and FluffyBunnyPwn ran outside, while Domo and SoaringHawk continued inside the tower.

                Running out in the cold, with the tower consistently shaking, MonkeyKidd and FluffBunnyPwn saw Vashj battling the sea turtle. FluffyBunnyPwn could see Murlocs climbing onto off the demon and attacking her. The demon used her trident and stabbed on the back of the turtle, causing the tower to dip sideways. Vashj released a swarm of harpies onto the island to counter the Murlocs. The harpies noticed the scent of the gods and went for them instead. MonkeyKidd noticed the Naga demon looking at their direction. She smiled. FluffyBunnyPwn used “Rapid Shot” and took down 5 harpies. MonkeyKidd fought off the harpies that got too close to the tower. They ran and fought. MonkeyKidd pulled out an ancient card and casted a spell on it. Suddenly, the harpies stopped flying. Bright swords surrounded the harpies, disabling their movements. The two gods continued forward.

                Meanwhile, Domo and SoaringHawk encountered a large Murloc. The creature rammed into the wall, causing the tower to lean down. Domo lost his footing, and slid down to the large Murloc. SoaringHawk used “Jump” and caught the creature by surprise. The creature was stabbed in the back, and Domo ran towards it and sliced its hands off. The large Murloc cried for help. Suddenly, a large group of Murlocs appeared from the doors. Domo and SoaringHawk were pushed back to back. SoaringHawk made a high pitch screech, which stunned the nearby Murlocs. Domo and SoaringHawk finished the stunned Murlocs, only to find more to fill their place. Suddenly, the walls of the tower broke in the room. Harpies flown in everywhere, attacking the Murlocs by surprise. Domo and SoaringHawk escaped onto the stairs, and ran to the higher floors.

                The bright swords dissolved a while ago. FluffyBunnyPwn and MonkeyKidd reached to the top of the tower only to find a stand. The two gods were confused. Screeching noises from the distance, the two gods braced themselves for more harpies to come. FluffyBunnyPwn shot down the harpies that were close by. She then took her great bow apart, and was now holding twin daggers. MonkeyKidd was confronted by a larger harpy. He managed to cut the creatures leg, but the harpy was able to grab his hand. Before the harpy could take off into the air with the god, MonkeyKidd grabbed the Harpy’s leg and pulled it closer to him. He punched the throat of the harpy, cutting it wide open. The harpy loosened its grip and flew off, not too far for it fell to its death. FluffyBunnyPwn jumped onto of harpy and stabbed its back. Before the harpy could fall to the tower, FluffyBunnyPwn jumper onto another harpy and killed it too. MonkeyKidd ignored that strategy, and just kept on pulling harpies in and slicing them in their throats. The number of harpies soon became less and less, until the final one fell to the tower. The top of the was littered with dead harpies. MonkeyKidd watched in the distance, as the Naga demon was faltering. The Murlocs were overwhelming her. FluffyBunnyPwn reattached her great bow back together. The two gods waited for the second wave.

                Domo smashed the last Murloc onto the wall. SoaringHawk motioned Domo to see the last floor just before the top of the tower. A Faceless was in there, expecting the two gods. It banged its two tentacles onto the ground. Domo casted a light spell onto his sword that made it shined. SoaringHawk jumped off from wall to wall to the ceiling. The Faceless, still occupied with Domo, swung its tentacle at Domo. Domo managed to slice its tentacle off. SoaringHawk, pointing the  Partisan Lance straight down at the monster, was falling at a great speed. The Faceless noticed SoaringHawk’s move, and shrouded himself on a barrier. Thinking that he could break through the barrier, SoaringHawk pushed on, only to be bounced back onto the ground. Domo, shaking uncontrollably, transformed himself into a Drakonid, a humanoid dragon-kin. He flew towards the barrier, and swung the Sol Sword at the barrier. The barrier faded and the Faceless knocked Domo back onto the wall. Right after its attack, SoaringHawk stabbed the monster through its armor. The Faceless cried in pain, for SoaringHawk attacked it in its weak point, the back. The Faceless grabbed SoaringHawk with its tentacles and threw him onto the wall. The monster backed itself up against the other side of the wall. Both the gods stepped forward, now knowing the secret to defeat the monster. Domo spewed out fire to the monster. The monster flinched at the fire. In retaliation the Faceless stepped forward to grab Domo. SoaringHawk jumped from the wall behind Domo and moved at an incredible speed. He reached the wall behind the Faceless, and before the Faceless can move, SoaringHawk used “Jump-Break” and jumped right through the Faceless’ back. The monster was defeated. Domo spewed out fire onto the body, fearing that monster maybe able to revive itself. SoaringHawk and Domo continued onto the rooftop of the tower.

                Finishing the fourth wave of Harpies, Domo kicked the door open, only to find FluffyBunnyPwn and MonkeyKidd in their “beast” form. SoaringHawk noticed the Naga demon was still fighting the Murlocs on her body, along with the harpies. The Naga demon smashed her trident onto the back of the sea turtle, causing the tower to lean further back. The movement of the tower slid all the bodies of the enemy onto the ground revealing the stand that FluffyBunnyPwn and MonkeyKidd saw before. Recognizing the stand, Domo stabbed the Sol Blade into the stand. The sea turtle cried. Suddenly, a bright light flashed from the sword, it shined onto the Crescent Bow of FluffyBunnyPwn. She grabbed her bow, pointed to the sky, and shot an arrow to the moon. The sea turtle cried loud this time. The island began to shake. SoaringHawk took form of his “beast”. The tower began to crumble under the gods’ feet. They jumped down onto the ground. The Naga demon stabbed the sea turtle on its head, killing the island. She then casted a spell to disable the gods from casting their own spell, for the demon knew if the gods perished with the turtle, then the island of FluffyBunnyPwn would be her new kingdom.

                The ground was shaking. The forest of the island were falling apart. The Murlocs fell dead to the ground. The gods ran swiftly through the crumbling island. At the shore of the island, MonkeyKidd threw FluffyBunnyPwn towards the Naga. The gods knew that once the sun would shine again, there will always be the threat of invasion from the Naga demon. Before she could fall onto the water, Domo ran swiftly on top of the water, and caught FluffyBunnyPwn. Domo threw her further towards the Naga. SoaringHawk got under FluffyBunnyPwn before she hit the water and flew straight up in the air. With the momentum of the two previous throws, SoaringHawk could not compete with the speed. FluffyBunnyPwn jumped off of the back of SoaringHawk, readied her Crescent Bow, and jumped higher than she ever had. Soon, in mid air, she met the gaze of the Naga demon, for a split second. Still having the light from the Sol Sword, FluffyBunnyPwn shot a “Grace” at the face of the demon. The Naga demon was killed in an instance. Harpies flown out from the inside of the demon. FluffyBunnyPwn grabbed onto the leg of a harpy and jumped her way towards the home island, while killing the harpies. The rest of the gods saw the fall of the Naga demon, and rode on top of SoaringHawk to the home island.

                The next day, the sun rose up. The people of the island were overjoyed. The gods of the island flew back into the heavens and watched over the people. The Crescent Bow and the Sol Sword became the “Yin and Yang” of the island. The two weapons became the symbol of balance.

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