Sunday, July 17, 2011

Anime and Video Game Characters: No Name (Sword of the Stranger)

U Mad?

Aha! I bet you were expecting Nanashi with that title eh? Nope, instead it's another no name person. This guy is my favorite among the Ming warriors (after Rarou of course). His burned face means that he's had a lot of battle experience in the past, so maybe he can be ranked among the best fighters in the movie. Heck, he kills a lot of the Japanese soldiers without much effort (so does everyone else, but gotta give this guy something). And he does it with an entertaining fighting style, combining a double scythe weapon (sorry dunno what it's called) with savage kicks.

No Name runs fearlessly into an army of swordsmen

I mean look at him. He doesn't even flinch at the sight of all these men. Plus he has a cool cape. Everyone knows heroes have cool capes.

Ike is the perfect example.

Who else can do that to their weapons?

And then look at the way he uses his weapon to kill! He shows off and THEN he proceeds to kick ass (literally and figuratively).

See, this guy is not playing around. He'll do whatever it takes to kill his target. And if his target is you....well, just see the next one.

Notice the head in the background?
Yeah that's how friggin battle-hardened this guy is. No Name is one of the best fighters in the movie. He has both power and technique. Enough to break another person's weapon in fact.

So much detail in so small a scene.
Remember when Nanashi and Rarou fought in the last battle? It took them minutes to break their swords. But this guy...within seconds he destroys the mook's sword. And don't say that Nanashi and Rarou had better quality swords. Nanashi's sword was older than hell, and the sword that Rarou I don't know. It would depend on the materials used and the methods.....FORGET IT! This guy can break swords. Simple as that. It was just thanks to the Theme Music Power Up that Nanashi won.

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  1. Actually, his name was Yue-Shen. I liked him too, he defenetely deserved more space in the movie.