Thursday, July 14, 2011

CH 336-340


Okay, so Yuan Fang has done some incredibly smart things before, but I think this takes the crown. So before this Yuan Fang made Gongzun San commit suicide, defeated Xun Yu, defeated Guo Jia while outnumbered 10 to 1, and so on. Well this time....this needs a new paragraph. And major spoilers so don't read ahead if you don't want to have the scheme ruined.

So the Yuan army and the Cao army are fighting the Battle of Guandu. And Cao Cao is losing big time. Just before this though, Cao Cao interrogated Xu You and found out that all of the Yuan rations was at Gushi. And then the Yuan army attacks the Cao army at different points and pins them all down in their fortifications. And then the two Yuan brothers figure out what Yuan Fang is planning and takes action to take all the credit. They move in for a good location because Cao Cao is being lured out.

And Cao Cao does move out, and he takes command of his special army. So the third youngest brother is waiting at the right location when he hears reports that the first brother is coming to take the spot. The two armies move close, and then a fight breaks out. The third brother is all panicking and stuff and tells someone to get the troops separated. Then the scene cuts to the first brother (Yuan Tan, I just remembered his name) riding over with an arrow sticking out of his shoulder. They're all confused and then at this point it's chaos and it's obvious that the Cao army stole the uniforms and made the two Yuan armies confused and fight each other.

Then the Cao army attacks Gushi where Yuan Fang is. The Cao army gets inside easily because they have the uniforms, but they Yuan Fang predicted everything. He has Gushi burned, and the rations were already moved out. The Cao army hopes to get away with the uniform to confuse, but Yuan Fang's army already switched out of their uniforms, and arrows are shot. And one of the target is Cao Cao. But of course, I suspect that Cao Cao is using a decoy or something because he is suppose to win Guandu in canon.

And and Wuchao Yuan Shao is miserable but he is happy at the same time. He knows that Yuan Fang had the two brothers killed but he is making Yuan Fang the leader of the Yuan clan this way. Then cut to the two brothers coming into Wuchao with their battered armies and blaming each other for allowing Cao Cao to curbstomp their asses. Yuan Shao is surprise because killing the brothers would have been something that Yuan Fang could have benefited from. Then for some reason the second brother came into Wuchao as well, and then Yuan Shao finally caught onto Yuan Fang's big scheme. Yes, Wuchao is burned as well, with the Yuan Fang army disguised as Cao Cao's soldiers.

So in one move Yuan Fang lures Cao Cao and defeats him, kills the three brothers, and eliminates the head of the Yuan clan. This is quite the scheme, and it is brilliant. Even Yuan Shao is glad that he made his son so competent. At this point, I guess Yuan Fang is the top among the Eight Geniuses.

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