Thursday, July 14, 2011

Best of Video Game Soundtracks: Resident Evil 3

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Resident Evil 3 is one of the best games in the survival horror genre. I am currently playing RE3, and I love the soundtrack for the game. The music is very dark and scary which sets the mood for the game very well. From the eerie police station hallways to the intense boss fights, RE3 delivers an amazing array of music. Here are my personal picks, in no specific order, from the RE3 soundtrack.

The City of Ruin/ Raccoon City Up-Town Theme
Cars are on fire. Dead bodies littered on the ground. The stench of rotten flesh in the air.  This track basically says “Everyone’s dead. You are all alone. And… there’s a zombie behind you.”A very depressing theme and makes me feel empty inside, which makes this track a good example of the game setting the dark mood.

Nemesis’ Theme 1

“Jill...Jill..”-wounded Brad slowly walked toward Jill.
"Brad?" Jill walked up to Brad.
"We gotta-“
Jump sound-Nemesis came from the rooftop of the police station.
“Rahhhh!!!" Brad quickly runs to a corner while Jill quickly back up.
"Jill...Jill help! NOOOO!!!"-Nemesis picks up Brad by his right shoulder,
smashes his tentacles vein through Brad, killing him as Nemesis tosses Brad aside.
"Brad…?" Jill walked towards the dead body.
"S.T.A.R.S." Nemesis walked toward Jill.
-“Fight the monster.”
-“Enter the police station.”

Nemesis’ first appearance and you already crapped your pants, good job. When you hear this track for the first time, you knew you were dead because you had nothing bigger than a pistol. This track set the mood for the battle and his first appearance.

Free From Fear- Save Room Theme
Well hearing this track puts me at ease because I know that Nemesis can’t break into this room. This track is not only a safe haven, but it sets the tone of imminent danger that lies ahead. Another memorable track from the game.

Staff and Credits
Well from hearing this amazing track, I was surprised that there was such an uplifting song in the game. This track gives a feeling of “Ah… it’s over. It’s finally over…”. Many RE fans agree that RE3 “credit” music is one of the best in the series. Perfect song to end a fantastic game.

The Doom City/ Mercenaries Theme
After the game is finished, a “mini” game will be playable, The Mercenaries. You can play as the mercenaries Jill met throughout the game. A badass theme for a badass group of people.


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