Thursday, July 14, 2011

Best of Video Game Soundtracks: Animal Crossing: Wild World

"Aw crap! Tom Nook better not close!"- domodragon53

Animal Crossing, made by Nintendo, plays out a lot like Harvest Moon. But the only difference, you don’t have to farm. Animal Crossing is my personal favorite “stress-reliever” game. The fact that Animal Crossing is so peaceful is the music. Here are my favorites, in no particular order, from Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS).

Title Screen (Extended)
This track is really relaxing, perfect for a stressful day. I love the use of string instruments, and the pauses from this track. Perfect for a summer stroll in a field, this track is a must for those lazy days.

The Roost
A tune that can differentiate from person to person, The Roost is a café in Animal Crossing: Wild World. Some people find this track sad, others find it romantic. I find it relaxing for the hot summer nights, just gazing at the stars.

2 AM
Animal Crossing: Wild World had a 2 minute track for every hour of the day. From 6 AM to 5 AM, my favorite is 2 AM. Just staying up late, fishing for fishes, shaking and collect fruits from trees, collecting bugs, 2 AM is a track that is just reserved for the player to walk around the night, and enjoy the silence. Perfect song for thinking on a stressful day.

There are plenty of songs from the game that are soothing. I recommend you to check them all out.

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