Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Anime Review: The Sky Crawlers

If you were expecting an action based anime, like I did, then this film isn't for you. The Sky Crawlers revolves more around the world and how the characters interact in it.

“Kildren”, young adults that cannot age, fight in an endless war against each other. The film follows a young experienced pilot that transferred into a new air base. It shows how the Kildren reacts to the war and how they endure being thrown into battle every day.
That is all I can say without spoiling the story. The story is really slow. It takes its time to introduce its characters, have development, and hit the climax. If the story was faster paced, it would have received a 9/10.

The animation of this film is gorgeous. The way the characters are drawn out, and the environment they interact in, the production team did a good job.

However, the fight scenes are amazing. The perfect use of CG planes and the actual footage of the sky really separate this film from other films about planes.

Awesome dogfight between two large groups of planes.

Music was really fitting for the film. Epic music for the dogfights and sad music for the emotional moments. So good, I got the OST.

Final Score-9/10
Like I stated before, if you can get over the slow paced story, then this film will be enjoyable. 

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