Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Last Heroes

My name is Argonaut. I am leader of the 150 heroes. We took a quest to slay the Big Bad Evil Emperor. We went and killed goblins first. They were weak. We leveled up a lot. Then we helped villages. Then for some reason cavalry people came and I died. We won. I don't know why I died.

 After we fought off an army of horsemen, we discovered that our leader, Argonaut, was dead. What sort of Evil Emperor does such a thing? First of all, the big battles are suppose to be fought later. Second of all, who kills off the main character in the first battle? It's suppose to end with the main character killing the last boss or sacrificing himself to save everyone. Now I'm the leader, and my name is Largon. I decided that we needed some training to prepare for any more surprises, so we went to kill more goblins.

So that's when the stupid Evil Emperor decided to send a dragon. Tell me, who sends a dragon to kill us before we're strong? Well, seven of us didn't make it. The first death was special. We sang songs for Argonaut. But after the dragon, we didn't feel like doing that anymore. A dead hero is a dead hero.

Then we tried to buy weapons, but that dragon destroyed 30 towns before we were able to kill it. We were furious. What person would leave people with their starting weapons?So I organized an army to march to the Big Bad Evil Emperor. Those villagers were slow, so we left some behind. Then some fell off at the bridge by accident. When we finally fought, we creamed the monsters and burned down the Evil Emperor's forest. The villagers ran away like the cowards they are. When we tried to get weapons, nobody sold anything, and we couldn't find the secret weapons. And that's when we all got creamed by goblins. It was an unfair last battle. How are we suppose to beat that? We all died, and now evil has taken control of the land. This is like an ending from a bad storyteller who forgot how the story is suppose to end and just inserted random bits to make it flow.

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