Sunday, July 10, 2011

Final Fantasy Adventure (Game Boy)

 Final Fantasy + The Legend of Zelda= Final Fantasy Adventure

What a very misleading title. Final Fantasy Adventure has nothing to do with the Final Fantasy RPG from SquareSoft, but it is the first installment of the Mana series, such as Secret of Mana(SNES) and Legend of Mana(PSX). Final Fantasy Adventure had a remake for the Game Boy Advance called Sword of Mana.

For a GameBoy game, Final Fantasy Adventure’s story was well done. Hero, whatever name you named him but will be referred as “Hero” in this review, is a gladiator that fights for the Dark Lord’s enjoyment.  Hero escapes from the fight one day, and he overhears Dark Lord and Julius talking about the removal of the Mana Tree. Hero is knocked off a waterfall, and realizes that he must protect the Mana Tree. Hero makes friends that help him fight on his quest to the Mana Tree.
There are a couple of twists and tragic moments that gives the story a high score. Minus one point from the awkward dialogue exchanged between Hero and others.

Imagine, from the gameplay of the Legend of Zelda mixed in with RPG elements, and the result is Final Fantasy Adventure. Final Fantasy Adventure has an overhead perspective like the Legend of Zelda, with the hack and slash system. From the hack and slash system, the player is given a power bar, or. The power bar fills up overtime, IF the player does not attack. When the power bar fills up, the player can execute special attacks with each different weapon given to the player. Unlike the Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy Adventure allows the hero to use magic, which is pretty simple. Magic is used by “equipping” it from the menu, and by pressing “B” the magic is used. Magic can only be obtained after certain events in the game.
As the player fights monster, experience points and gold are given. Eventually the player will level up, allowing the player to upgrade one of four stats: 1) Power, increases attack. 2) Wisdom increases MP. 3) Stamina, increases HP and defense. 4) Will, increase the speed of the power bar.  If, say power is selected, the power stat will be given 2 points, going from 1 to 3, while the other stats will be increased by 1, going from 1 to 2.

For a GameBoy game, Final Fantasy Adventure looks better the other games for the system. Each enemy could be distinguish from an other. Some of the sprites are taken from the Final Fantasy game, such as the white mage and the moogles. Final Fantasy Adventure’s music was well done and catchy. Just like the Legend of Zelda overworld theme, Final Fantasy Adventure’s overworld theme was pretty good.

The Good:
-Familiar gameplay mechanics
- RPG elements
-Story that sets up Secret of Mana
-Implements the usage of the different weapons

The Bad:
-Way too easy if the player level grinds
-Some people may find the game too short
Overall score: 9/10

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