Monday, June 27, 2011

Zhang Fei

My favorite of the Peach Brothers, Zhang Fei knows what needs to be done to make Liu Bei a successful sovereign. While Liu Bei would be content to live as a sandal maker, Zhang Fei uses tricks and cunning ideas to elevate Liu Bei's status. So not only his he one of the strongest warriors, he is also meticulous and thinks far ahead (not like Dynasty Warriors where he is portrayed as a brute). Zhang Fei fights Lu Bu equally in many encounters (not really, he gets whooped once and has Guan Yu to help in another).

In addition to this, Zhang Fei is a great artist (apparently this is a skill that not many know), and he happens to be able to copy handwriting. So all he has to do is copy the lord of Xuzhou's handwriting (he does) and he writes a will making Liu Bei the governor of the place. Afterward Zhang Fei loses the place on purpose to Lu Bu to get Liu Bei to realize that being blindly loyal will harm the people. As Zhang Fei says: There is a method to my madness.

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