Friday, June 24, 2011

Chronicles of FluffyBunnyPwn: Legend of The Prophecy

“The Prophecy is uncertain. There is always hope.”- Zeratul

 Everyone welcomed the first sight of snow. Eventually everyone grew tired of the bland whiteness of the land. Snow turned into blizzards and storms. The warm hearts of the people of FluffyBunnyPwn turned into sick cold hearts. The god, Domo, was nowhere to be found. Ever since the snow first landed on the island, Domo mysteriously vanished. The numbers of gods present was dropped to four: MonkeyKidd, BakaNeko, SoaringHawk, and FluffyBunnyPwn herself.  All four gods agreed to find their Domo before it was too late. Each of them, descended towards the island, one right after another. Leaving a trail of light behind them, the inhabitants of the island believed that the gods were just shooting stars.
Feet first onto the ground, the gods were greeted by the unusual amount of snow that fell to the ground. SoaringHawk pointed at the suspicious fortress. The gods flew towards the fortress quickly because they all sensed that the wind carried bad omen. The fortress was once a successful marketplace for travelers and merchants. It was well known to be one of the holiest place on the island. But ever since the snow began to fall, the fortress was abandoned by the people. The gods reached the gates of the fortress. MonkeyKidd knocked the gates down with a single punch, followed by a strong gust of wind that came out of the fortress. The gods ran into the fortress, only to find Domo chained onto the wall, unconscious. FluffyBunnyPwn raised his Crescent Bow, prepared to set Domo free from the chains. Suddenly, frost goblins drops from the high ceiling. FluffyBunnyPwn shoots four goblins as they fall down. BakaNeko is thrown by MonkeyKidd towards the frost goblins that are still falling. BakaNeko grips onto his saber tightly and stabs one of the goblins. He then jumps onto another falling goblin and stab it. SoaringHawk swings his spear, easily clearing out a crowd of rushing goblins. The gods fought until the goblins ceased to fall. Bodies littered on the ground.

The gods hear a laugh. They tighten their grips onto their weapons, and look around the room. In the darkest corner, right next to where Domo was chained, a witch stepped out.

“I knew you find your way here, eventually,” said the frost witch, Gen-Cara. The dark infested witch stepped into the light, followed by her serpent-like minions, the Fanglisc.

“Your very presence defiles this place, Gen-Cara,” said FluffyBunnyPwn. The gods banded closer together, fearing that Gen-Cara may use her witchcraft on them.

“Do you hear them gods? Whispering from the winds,” Gen-Cara stepped closer, “The planet will burn. They’re coming.”

The gods looked at each other, analyzing what Gen-Cara is foretelling. “Perhaps…” says MonkeyKidd, backing away from the group. He jumps back and disappears into the darkness. Gen-Cara looking around for the god. “But, you won’t live to see it!” MonkeyKidd jumps from behind Gen-Cara. She catches his punch and throws him at the feet of the other gods. The gods rushed together towards Gen-Cara. She stops the gods by striking into the air with her hand. Ice creeps from the ground and onto their feet. The gods realize that the frost witch is freezing them. 

“Please, our petty conflict means nothing now.” says Gen-Cara, as she smiles at the half frozen gods. , “A storm is coming, that cannot be stopped. Fitting, that we should face oblivion together!”

“Never!” BakaNeko throws his saber at the frost witch, stabbing her arm into the wall. The ice stops freezing at the waists of the gods. Gen-Cara reaches for the saber, but FluffyBunnyPwn shoots an arrow that hits the witch’s hand and also goes into the wall. 

“Fate, cannot be changed. When the end comes, I will welcome it.” Says Gen-Cara calmly. Her Fanglisks launched themselves towards the gods, spitting out poisonous projectiles. While the gods were busy fighting off the Fanglisks, Gen-Cara freed herself from the wall and walked towards Domo. She waited until the last Fanglisk fell onto the ground. The gods recovered themselves and charged towards the frost witch.

“Stop right there. You wouldn’t want me to hurt your brother, would you?” Gen-Cara held a knife onto Domo’s throat. The gods hesitated, but stood there ground. Gen-Cara whispered into Domo’s ear, awaking him from his slumber. “I want you to watch. Watch how your brothers die in there desperate attempt in rescuing you.” Gen-Cara turned to the gods, “You should be glad, that you are the first to be feasted by the Void Walker!” The frost witch casted a barrier above her and Domo. The fortress began to crumble, and the gods attacked and broke every stone that came on top of them.

Seeing the snow fall on top of the gods, Gen-Cara summoned Void Walker from the debris of the fortress. The Void Walker, clamping its crab-like hands, roared at the gods. The gods looked at each other, and nodded. Soaring Hawk, BakaNeko, and MonkeyKidd charged towards the monster, leaving FluffyBunnyPwn to charge her Crescent Bow. The Void Walker slammed its arms onto the ground and vanished. The gods stopped and examined the area for the monster. Suddenly, the Void Walker dropped from the sky, and slammed its arm onto BakaNeko. It grabbed him, and threw BakaNeko at SoaringHawk. SoaringHawk swing his spear at BakaNeko, allowing BakaNeko to be launched at the Void Walker at top speed. Ready to swing his saber at the monster, the Void Walker vanished again. BakaNeko landed onto the ground safely. FluffyBunnyPwn yelled at MonkeyKidd, as he ran towards Gen-Cara. Right before his fist could touch Gen-Cara, the Void Walker appeared infront of MonkeyKidd. MonkeyKidd smiled and rolled out of the way. Right behind him was FluffyBunnyPwn’s arrow that was enchanted with “Psi Disrupter”. It landed into the chest of the Void Walker. The monster began to roar as the arrow disrupted the Void Walker’s power. Unable to vanish like before, the Void Walker began to swing its arms. Blinded by rage, the Void Walker rushed towards FluffyBunnyPwn. FluffyBunnyPwn turned herself into her “beast-form”, and launched herself into the air, causing the monster to be under her. She shot arrows onto the head of the monster. BakaNeko and SoaringHawk both stabbed the head of the monster, killing the Void Walker. MonkeyKidd grabbed the Void Walker and threw it towards the frost witch.

Gen-Cara threw Domo into the way of the Void Walker. FluffyBunnyPwn caught Domo before he smashed into the monster. The gods regrouped together, reviving Domo.

“Domo, you seen it all. It is the only reason why I have kept you here. It is why you went missing since the first snow fell onto the ground. Tell them of your visions.” Said Gen-Cara, as she disappeared into the blizzard. The snowfall ceased. The skies were clear to the gods now.

“This island is ours witch!” yelled FluffyBunnyPwn.

“No… this planet is theirs…” said Domo, pointing at the stars.

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