Monday, June 20, 2011

Anime and Video Game Characters: Guin

This time, Guin of Guin Saga is the anime character that I will be discussing. When the story begins, Guin is lying in the Rood Wood, the most evil of forests revealed in the Guin Saga world. Guin has a built body (one that would make Hercules envious) and a leopard head as well. And with that body comes tremendous strength, more strength than any human can hope to obtain. And yet, Guin does not fall for the trap that Hercules did and was begotten strong but stupid. Instead, Guin is the voice of reason, the voice of strength. He is the master of strategies and the strongest defender of justice. This guy has it all, for he has little flaws. And at the very end of the show, Guin and Ishtovan (another great guy, possibly rogue/bandit/thief/resourceful man) have a duel. And Ishtovan says "I never noticed this before but you are the most annoying person ever". The rationale for this is that Guin is the strongest in power. He is the smartest in strategies. He is calm and almost never gets provoked by insults. His reasoning is sound, and that makes him annoying to those that are his enemies.

Crowning Moment of Awesomeness: The first episode has Guin single-handedly destroy a Mongaul Black Knight squadron all by himeself. With bare hands. In underwear. In fact, Guin punches a guy so hard, he gets sunk into the ground 5 feet (probably accurate guess) and sends another guy sliding against a tree, starting a forest fire because the helmet slid against the tree so hard sparks flew out. That is some major ass-kicking right there.

Rating: Badass Half human

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