Sunday, June 5, 2011

X-Men First Class Review

Hollywood, take a good look at this movie and learn from it. This is how a prequel is supposed to be made.

"When you focus on that point that lies between rage and serendipity, the extraordinary can happen..."

I'm blown away. Best X-Men movie to date. I honestly wasn't a fan of the first three to begin with, and the Wolverine one just kinda sucked. With many movies out this summer, aka Hangover 2, Captain America, Thor, Transformers... it's easy for me to overlook this one. Just having the name "X-Men" in there gives me the impression that it will go down the same horrible road as the first three did. However, this movie proved me wrong, and I just love it when movies do that.

X-Men First Class is all about individualism. On the surface, it has cool superheroes with super powers, but under that layer hides a deep and meaningful theme concerning individualism. Feared by some and hated by others, they must do all they can to fit into the harsh society and at the same time, they must learn how to cope with their unique powers. Along comes Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr, one who wishes to make peace with humankind and one who wishes to exterminate them before they terminate the mutants. X-Men First Class is about how the two best friends become archenemies.

This film was surprisingly emotional. Best emotional scene in the movie by far, not a spoiler by the way, is when Magneto tries to rotate a satellite. That scene screamed shonen jump to me in every way, yet it was deep and emotional. The relationships between the characters were great. There was one minor problem that I had with the movie though. Even though it's at least two hours long, it felt rushed. How I wish this movie would've been broken up into two parts to flesh out the story and the characters more. There was so much story to tell and so much character development to convey, yet there was so little time to do it all.

X-Men First Class is a GREAT start for a reboot of the franchise and I look forward to the upcoming movies. Definitely give this one at least one viewing. It's totally worth it.

FluffyBunnyPwn gives it 9/10.

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