Friday, August 12, 2011

Anime and Video Game Characters: Elmer

The Immortal Laugh

This guy is one of the original Immortals, and he's my favorite. He is always smiling, and he wants others to smile as well. His view of life is that there's no point in being sad or feeling pain. Just be happy because life is short for the average person. Why spend part of it in pain? This guy is full of confidence, and he doesn't want much in life except for others to be happy. If others are happy, he is happy. He goes to Huey Laforet (one of the other Immortals) and makes him smile. He goes to see Maiza and the gang and doesn't need to do anything to see their smiles because they are already happy. He also gets to see Sylvie (another Immortal) and tries to make her be happy, but she already is, so he gives up his attempts. In 1711, Elmer fell into the water trying to make Szilard change heart, and the demon saw it as an interesting thing and allowed Elmer one wish. Needless to say, Elmer made great use of that wish, and in the last episode he even makes the demon smile.

Elmer is an optimistic person and believes in the goodness of the people. His only desire is to see people smile, and sometimes he resorts to bribing them with money to make them smile. That's how he gets into the jail to see Huey Laforet. A nice person, nice personality, and nice philosophy. Smile!

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