Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Heroes (Possibly Influenced by The Ravages of Time)

What exactly constitutes being a hero? Someone who willingly accepts difficult deed no matter the consequences and follows through? Without fear for their life, they fight through battles, rescue people, and serve faithfully. Even if they are outnumbered 100 to 1, they would still continue fighting, for they are loyal to their lord/kings/government/ect. I say this idea of a hero is only another masterpiece made by those in power.

The one who accepts difficult deeds already knows that he or she has a chance to accomplish it, and even if not, then the hero still has experience. The hero who fight difficult battles, rescues people, and serve faithfully is the same. Heroes who are trained for combat are already aware that they might die. Those that rescues others will already have experience. Those that follow others bravely are fools. In all of these heroes, there is one common element: the fear of losing reputation.

The hero accepts difficult quests, for, if not, the hero will be branded a coward. The hero fights even though outnumbered, for if not, the hero will be humiliated for surrendering. The hero serves faithfully, for, if not, the hero will be called disloyal. In every case, these so called heroes are afraid of losing their reputation. That is why the heroes that I acknowledge are those different from the common conception of heroes. The heroes that I acknowledge are those who are willing to throw away their reputation and trample on their pride, for they see the big picture.

Of the different people in the world, I consider beggars to be heroes. Holding onto their dreams and ambitions, they are forced to trample on their pride and adopt unfavorable methods. While others move around them without sympathy, they smile, hoping to receive what they need to survive. A despicable sight it is, but the epitome of bravery is there. Of all the people in the world, who dares to trample upon the reputation that they hold dearer than life? Only a few, and no more.

To be friends with a hero is a blessing, for those people live in a paramount state of cultivation. Those type of friends should be held dearer than reputation, transcending the ideals that have been imposed upon many. And, perhaps, those type of people should be held dearer than life, for how many other heroes are there in the world?

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