Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Baccano! Review

What a rush! It's an endless party of the most bizarre characters and the most out of control plot presented in an outrageous style. Baccano! has many many characters (an uncountable number), yet they all become unique enough to know their names! And the plot, damn! so convoluted in the manner it is presented, yet it all makes perfect sense! And-

Alright, a time out is needed. My style of reviewing is not gonna work here, so I have to review this series step by step. Baccano! is an amazing series. The characters are all amazing. Each one will surprise you with their personal qualities. And there are so many of them. But by the time you finish, you will know the names of each of the characters. Oh, heck, I'll just list a few of those characters. First off is the thieving duo Isaac and Miria. They are as wild as the show gets, and they are the most charismatic of people. They are able to make friends with literally anyone, and that comes in handy when stealing stuff. Then there is Ladd Russo, the most outrageous, emotionally unstable person in the whole show. He goes from happy to killer mode in seconds, and he loves to talk and kill. He's the most happy when he's killing, and he likes killing people that feel like they can't be killed. And then there's more. See how out of control it is already? I'll move on.

The plot jumps from place to place. It is not presented chronologically. Therefore, expect to be damn confused in the beginning. The first episode makes you think "WTF is going on here?" and by the end, you'll be thinking "Ah, that is how everything fits together," The major time periods are somewhere in the early 1700's, and the Roaring 20's transitioning into the Great Depression. Yes, this anime takes place in America, not Japan or any made up place. And what is even more amazing is that the mafia plays a huge role in the anime, much like they did in real life. And moving on.

The music fits the series so well. This is because a whole bunch of jazz music is played (sorry if I'm wrong. Music isn't my strong point). And it sets up a perfect mood. In fact, it's as if (when that one great song plays) people treat all that criminal action like it's just fun and games. And that mirrors how people during the Roaring 20's felt.

And putting everything together, Baccano! becomes one of the most amazing anime that I have ever watched. It has that rush that Death Note gives off, but the way the story is presented surpasses even the rush that Death Note brings. It's like Death Note is second in command when Baccano! is around. The characters are great, the story is amazing, the way the story is told is genius, and the music is fitting. What else can I say?

Rating: 10/10

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