Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Anime and Video Game Characters: Jaccuzi Splott

Jacuzzi has a weird name, is a crybaby, but he's awesome. Of all the major characters in Baccano!, Jaccuzi has t be one of the more ordinary ones. He has no extraordinary abilities like Claire, and he is not immortal. He is just an ordinary boy who just so happens to lead his own gang. And his signature tattoo of a sword on his face is just amazing. That's his most defining facial feature, and that's how others identify him.

His reason for always crying

Jaccuzi is a crybaby. He cries more times in the series than all the other characters combined. And by all the other characters I mean every other character from the ones that show up for just a few seconds to the main cast. Jacuzzi cries more than them. Oh, and he is a bit of a believer in the outrageous stories. For example, Isaac and Miria tell the story of Rail Tracer, and Jacuzzi believes it wholeheartedly. It's a good thing that he did, because he was a lot more prepared to see Rail Tracer than the mooks that die from the white and black suit teams.

Did I also mention that he leads his own gang? Yeah, he and Nice and Donny and Nick are the main four of his gang, but he has a large group. They board the Flying Pussyfoot (almost wanted to say FluffyBunnyPwn there) to steal the explosives. They succeed and sell them for an outrageous amount. And though I made Jaccuzi look a bit weak up there, he is not. In fact, when the Russo family killed eight of his friends, he went berserk and robbed eighteen speakeasies. In one night. And thanks to that his bounty went up to $5,000. Yes, Jaccuzi values his friends more than anything else. He will sacrifice himself to make sure that his friends are safe. When he arrived to rescue Chane, the gang followed him. They each say "I came alone" but Jacuzzi is able to spot the odd voice out. That person is Claire, and then Claire steals the show.....dang it.

The last boss for Jacuzzi

But my favorite moment of Baccano! comes from Jacuzzi. In episode eight he finds Isaac and Miria, and they discuss what they each will do. Isaac and Miria announce that they will drive Rail Tracer off, and that inspires Jacuzzi to face off against the leader of the black suit Lemores. And though he is unarmed and the leader (Goose I remember now) has a flamethrower, Jaccuzi runs up full speed and yells out the awesome phrase: "There is a gun in my heart!" and he tosses Goose off the train. It's all the buildup to that moment that makes it so amazing. 

The ultimate reply to the above question

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