Friday, February 15, 2013

Manga Review: Fairy Tail Chapter 319 - The White Knight

So this weeks chapter of Fairy Tail was quite interesting. Gajeel ate up the shadows and received a massive power-up and became an Iron Shadow Dragon and then went on to beating up the Shadow Dragon Slayer Rouge. Apparently Rouge was being controlled by an evil shadow but it ran after Rouge got beat up by Gajeel. Lector shows up to stop Gajeel from hurting Rouge any further but Gajeel already knew to stop. The fight ended up being Gajeel's victory and earning a point for team Fairy Tail.
 Awww look at Lector he's so cuuuute!! - BakaNeko

Meanwhile, on Natsu's side they are trapped between the castle's garrison and the castle's "Executioners". Arcadios shows up in a badass white suit of armor and goes to confront the princess and her lies.

I was gonna say "Shit's about to get REAL!" but, shit's always real in  Fairy Tail.

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