Sunday, October 2, 2011

Anime and Video Game Characters: Yagami Light

There is no doubt about it. His sense of justice is different from the one held by society as a whole. Though, the question is: is society's justice the right kind?

Yagami Light is a genius. That is undisputable. As a student, he finds the world boring and corrupt. He is loads smarter than the best of Japan's students. And that is when he finds the Death Note.

Now, the Death Note seems like a prank of some sort or even the invention of an imaginative kid. Light even considers just throwing it away. And yet, he wonders: "what if it's true?" Light tests the Death Note on a person, and the Death Note works! At that point, there is no question what Light is thinking: "Look at me, the smartest and most just of people. Yet I could do nothing to rid the world of evil. Now, with this Death Note, I finally can."

Light sees the world as a flawed place, with criminals everywhere committing deeds from murder to simple theft. All of them deserve to die in Light's eyes. Using the power of the Death Note, Light kills them mercilessly. However, once the detective L comes along, Light's character truly shines. Up until L comes along, Light doesn't have anyone to challenge him. He is considered a god of some sort, and, though he shows a passion, it always seems like his mind is bored of just simple mass killing. Yes, once L tries to find the identity of Light and Light tries to find the identity of L, there exists a thrill of some sort for the both of them. Light finally has someone that he can consider his equal and compete against.

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